Tell us about you, your interests and venue, and get ready to be the host!

Hosts are...

  • Independent self starter
  • Loves to entertain a crowd
  • Eager to host +2 events each week
  • Available from 6pm - 10pm

Hosts get...

As a GameNightHost licensee you are not on your own.
We help with the hardest parts of being a business owner.
Sales Training
Host Training
Marketing Support
Digital Marketing
Game Content

Four simple steps...

Become A Host

GameNightHost is a fast growing evening entertainment company. Licensed GameNightHost hosts run colorful, fun-filled social games in local bars and restaurants, and help people let loose and be creative over thinking and drinks. They motivate, energize and inspire! No other social game playing comes close to delivering the all-round experience. It's why so many people come back regularly to play!
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Games To Host

Have you ever played live trivia and thought, "That host has the coolest job in the world!"? Well they do! We provide everything you need to deliver the ultimate live experience for bars, restaurants or private events!
Real Hosts
Our current hosts run the spectrum of jobs, from Teachers, lawyers, bio-chemists, fishermen, private eyes, and even a couple cool Accountants. Our hosts help seperate ameightost from the rest of the entertainment out there.

Real Hosts

Hosts are people that love games, people, & having fun.. They realize that ameightost is the entertainment and their job is to complement it. Being able to keep the pace of the game, recruit first time teams, or help someone with the clarity of a question, these men and women know what they are doing!
Caitlin Z. - Steamboat Springs
Caitlin Z. - Steamboat Springs

Caitlin Z. - Steamboat Springs

4 Years

Jon H. - Seattle
Jon H. - Seattle

Jon H. - Seattle

3 Years

A.K - Livermore CA
A.K - Livermore CA

A.K - Livermore CA

2 Years

Lead games , build your own ,
have an awesome time, AND, make !

About ameightost

Founded in 1999 outside of Boston MA, are live hosted events played in bars and restaurants all over the country. Our Hosts deliver more than 400 events each week, providing fun and exciting competitions in bars, restaurants and special events.